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bizData - Network and Computer Support

Cloud-Based and Onsite IT Solutions

Our goal is and has always been to make our customers IT experience transparent and hassle free while always finding ways to lower their costs. Our strategies for accomplishing this goal are simple. First is to find creative ways to improve efficiency. Second, we leverage our on-line capabilities with state-of the-art Internet appliances. Third is to become your IT department to learn your business and adapt our way of doing business to your's.

bizNetCare - one of the ways we found to lower cost is through preventive maintenance. Problems are addressed before they become a crisis. We monitor your network and computers from our Network Operations Center (NOC). We automatically update and perform preventive maintenance with sophisticated software housed on servers located in data centers on the Internet.

When problems are detected, they are often resolved remotely by technicians in our NOC and almost always without additional charge. The result is higher reliability, less down time, longer system life and lower cost.

When a user needs advice or help one of our technicians, in the NOC, can remotely access the user's desktop and assist them. No need to for a service call. No additional charges.

This is all done at a very low monthly cost. You save money.

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bizOnsiteCare - We found that to truly learn your busines, your systems and personnel we need to be onsite. All our contracts include periodic scheduled onsite visits. So, when the time comes that an onsite call is necessary a Network Engineer arrives who knows your system, your people and how your company works.

We guarantee a 1 hour response time and an onsite presence within 4 hours for emergencies. (Actual times are considerably less.) We know that when you need us there, you need us there now.

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bizBox is an appliance based service that will allow you to store all your critical company files in one central, onsite location and when used in conjunction with our bizBacUp service will safely backup up your data to our online servers. The user interface is - easy you create users, edit permissions and create storage folders. Designated users can access their information from remote locations over the Internet.

We manage your bizBox from our Network Operation Center. We are responsible for all maintenance. You pay one low monthly fee. The cost of ownership is about half that of a standard file server. We leverage our technologies to save you money.

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