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bizInternet - Backup, Access, Email & Websites

Leveraging The Internet To Save You Money

From the beginning, we have found our Internet presence to be an excellent tool increase our efficiency and our customers'. We have leveraged our Internet capabilities in the development of all our services.

bizBacUp - did you ever wonder what would happen if one morning you came to work and all your files were gone. All your contracts. All your correspondence. All your accounting records. If you are like most other businesses this has happened to, you will be out of business within the year. It is only a failed drive or fire or flood away. This is precisely why we were one of the first companies to develop online backup for SMB. All your critical company files and accounting records are backed up to our servers on the Internet - safe and out of harm's way.

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

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bizAccess - if you a running a multi-tenant facility or office campus why not offer you tenants Internet and telephone service. We can provide your tenants Internet, telephone and maintain the network. We take care of everything installation, maintenance and billing. We share a portion of the revenue with you. What could be easier.

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bizMail - for most small businesses running of a mail service is an expensive proposition- equipment to purchase and to maintain. We host mail for you and using your own domain name with our mail servers. All mail is screened by state-of-the-art Spam & Virus filters - so as an added bonus they never reach your network. A Web portal gives users the ability to manage their own accounts or we will do it for them. No equipment to buy or maintain.

Just one low predictable price.

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bizWeb - we will custom design website for you and host it on servers. This gives us the ability to provide design services, hosting and web master services at a very competitive price. Sites are designed to be owner modifiable to further reduce your cost.

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