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bizVoice - Internet Telephone Services & Systems

Cloud-Based Telephony Solutions for SMB.

Companies with 5 to 500 phones can benefit from our Cloud technology.  bizVoice offers Higher Quality, Reliability and Flexibility at a lower price than standard telephone systems from traditional telephone or cable companies. In the event of disaster or power failure, unlike a premise-based telephone system, our system continues to function automatically, re-routing calls to other locations or cell phones. Never lose a call.

Lower monthly cost. Lower upfront cost.

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bizHostedPBX is a total business telephone solution, for companies with 5 to 500 phones, with all the standard features of an Enterprise level system, plus Unified Communications, Mobility and Automatic Disaster Recovery. Your bizHostedPBX can be customized to suit your business's needs. You decide how calls are handled, and who handles them. Our Mobility feature assures the right person gets the call no matter where they may be. Total flexibility.

Our plans are as flexible as our PBX. To begin with almost all our features are included. Not, "OH! You want voice mail. That's extra." Or. "OH! You want Auto-Attendant. That's extra." We customize a plan that meets your needs and budget. You can choose from our low pay-as-you-go call path plan at $17.95/mo., or our unlimited domestic call path plan for as little as $29.95/mo. choose as many or as few extensions as you need. Don't pay for what you don't need. And, as your business grows and your needs change, your bizHostedPBX changes with you. No new contracts. No hassles.

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bizSIPTrunking takes advantage of the efficiencies of the Internet to replace your existing telephone lines, trunks or PRIs. You get the advantage of lower costs. And continue to use your existing on premise equipment. The true advantage is not necessaily lower cost or higher quality and reliability but, disaster recovery. The benefit of business continuation after disaster strikes. When our system detects that your facility is not available it immediately falls back to your bizHostedPBX system and you have the same benefits of disaster recovery. Calls are immediately rerouted to another facility or cell phones. An auto attendant is immediately activated that can relate critical information to your customers. Calls are re-routed, messages are taken. In short, business continues on.

Lower costs. Assured business continuation.

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